30 Day Instagram ENGAGEMENT Challenge...

How do you get consistent leads from your Social Media?

You need to be consistent in your posting, engagement. So many agents "HAVE" Social Media accounts, but so few are "USING" Social Media in their business. However, the same agents who simply HAVE social media are trying to use their inconsistent engagement to generate leads...all while wondering why their ads aren't generating engagement and ultimately zero leads. We can do better, take the 30 Day Instagram Engagement Challenge and see how your focus changes.

Put simply, ENGAGEMENT [Likes, Comments, Shares] runs the algorithm. Here are a few facts from Later .com on the Instagram algorithm 2020:

FACT : Comments, Likes, Shares + Views Impact Feed Ranking

FACT : Photos & Videos are Equal

FACT : The Algorithm is always changing based on User Trends, Behavior

FACT : "Fake" Interactions DON'T Count - that's right those agents that have 5,000 followers, but only 20-50 likes per post have not legitimately engaged in their social media. Chat Bots don't count. Don't buy followers - authentic followers will engage!

FACT : All Comment Lengths count as Engagement

FACT : First 30 Minutes does NOT determine ranking

"When you post consistently good content to Instagram, you’ll not only improve your engagement but it’s a signal to the algorithm that you’re a quality account!

And the more frequently and consistently you post, the more likely your audience will see and engage with your content.

When it comes to how often you should post, your ideal posting frequency will depend on you or your business’ goals and the amount of time you can dedicate to your Instagram marketing efforts."

There is so much more to working your Social Media accounts, but we are going to start simply with ENGAGEMENT.


Your Behavior and Your Followers Behavior in your social media determines your ranking! You are USING Social Media when your account has:





So, let's build the strategy:

STEP 1 : Optimize Your Instagram Account Profile

  • Simple, Recognizable, Easy to Find Username

  • Add Business Name

  • Branded Profile Photo - easy for people to recognize as your business

  • Write an intriguing BIO about your USP - what you do for your customer!

  • Finish Your BIO with a Call to Action

  • Use Emojis in your BIO, use emojis to highlight your business link

  • Use your Business Profile LINK wisely, make sure it goes to the place your customer engages with you best outside of Instagram. Changing your link to highlight offers, freebies, lead pages and more. You can use for small urls.

  • Choose a Photo/Video FILTER consistent with your brand, Stick with this Filter/Color Theme

  • Add Story Highlights with engaging, brand consistent Story Highlight Covers

  • Add an Instagram Action Button

>>> Now Share Your Instagram Account & Turn On Your Notifications.

STEP 2 : Set Your Monthly Posting Schedule

How Many Times Per Month Will You Post? Every Day? Let's choose every day for this challenge. Now let's start building your calendar:

Fill Your Calendar with Post Subjects...use the following two categories to define your post content.


Fill in your calendar with all relevant dates.

  • Personal Dates (Birthdays, Anniversaries)

  • Business Dates (Tax Date Reminders, Webinar Dates)

  • SocialPRO Dates for Holidays, National Days and More

  • Area/Neighborhood Event Dates


Choose 5-10 "Content Groups" that tell Your Brand Story. Add a one or two posts in the month for each of these groups. A great way to get more from each post is to expand the subject in your stories with video, multiple story panels, shares from other Instagram Users

"Remember, Real Estate is a relationship game...your clients/potential clients don't want to use your service, they want to use your service because of WHY you do it! Talk about your business services, don't SELL your business services. You have heard us say it a million times, "humanize" your brand with stories."

Content Groups to consider:

  • About You : Your Passions, Your Why, Your Mission - Love Yoga, make it a category!

  • Family Life : Don't shy away from this one - it is a universal connector!!!

  • Behind the Scenes of Your Business : Staging, Construction, Flipping...

  • Orange County Lifestyle : Is Surfing a passion? The Beach is a huge draw for Homeowners.

  • Charity Connection : Make sure your presence and engagement with the charity is clear.

  • FARM or Neighborhood Connection

  • Your Business USP, Services

  • Your Business Listings, Buyers, Connections, Affiliate Posts

  • Home Decor, Home Improvement, Cooking, Organizing...

  • Vacation, Traveling, Nature...

  • Quotes

  • Anything that you love to talk about!

STEP THREE : Create/Gather Content

Using these two categories will fill up your 30 Day Engagement Calendar. Once you are done filling in your calendar, you will need to start working on the content (photos, video, quotes, captions and more) that will go with each of your scheduled posts.

Some of your content can be gathered in advance, other content will need to be scheduled. For example, if your category is Coffee with Clients - you will need to schedule these coffee meetups and gather the content in real time, BUT at least you have it on your schedule and you know what you are posting.

Don't forget Hashtags. Plan the best hashtags for your content and add them to your calendar. , , ,

Make Content Creation/Gathering Fun!!!! Planned or Spontaneous, be Real, be AUTHENTIC, be Creative. Keep your content Brand Friendly.

STEP FOUR : Schedule Time for Engagement

Likes, Comments, Shares + Views are not just for your account. Doing the same of the accounts you follow will increase the engagement on your account.

RELATIONSHIP GAME - One on One Connections, "quid pro quo".

SHARE GAME - Share posts/stories of clients, neighborhood businesses, area market experts, YOUR BROKER's posts, fellow real estate colleagues, family, affiliate posts.

Remember, hopping on social media to post is not enough, but engagement can be all-consuming also.

We suggest you challenge yourself to get in the habit of using social media at least 3 times per day. For example: for 30 minutes in the morning, at lunch, and in the evening to start. Starting out with a "scheduled" engagement time daily will eventually become part of your daily business operations and will maintain Consistency!!!

Tip Reminder: As we said above, turning on notifications will help you know when people are engaging with your account and can assist you in timely engagement.

ARE YOU READY TO TAKE THE 30 DAY INSTAGRAM ENGAGEMENT CHALLENGE? Follow the four steps above and let's talk in a month, we know you won't regret the dedication!

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