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Creating a monthly email newsletter can seem like a daunting task month after month. BUT, if you use your tools and a template the task can seem easier than you may believe. We have created an email template option for you to use, design templates to include and suggestions for content that will help you build a professional looking monthly newsletter every time.


  • MailChimp l Mailchimp is the All-In-One integrated marketing platform for small businesses, to grow your business on your terms. It's easy to use - start for free today!

  • CANVA l Your Zutila AgentPRO Creative Design Center for photo elements, video elements, email banner design and more.

  • BLOG l Please use any blog platform. Our AgentPRO Websites can include an amazing blog tool, you can also use Wordpress, KCM and more.

  • CONTENT l Create your own, use a third-party content creator, or CAR, OCAR, NAR all have amazing content FREE to Realtors®. Use your SocialPRO Calendar for monthly holiday, national days, and other content information.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA l Use your social posts, stories, events and link in every Monthly Email Newsletter.

  • CALENDLY l Appointment App integrate with your Google Calendar, Website, Zoom and more.


  • Seller Suite : How Much is Your Home Worth Link

  • Buyer Suite : CINC Search Home Connection

  • Holidays

  • Your Weekly Blog Posts : HOW-TO Homeowner Tips, Seller/Buyer Educational Guides and Tips, Home Decor, Guest Posts...

  • Current Listings, Coming Soon Properties, Just SOLD Properties

  • Client Success Stories with Photos, Video Connections

  • Monthly Market Update, Home Sales, Prices and Analysis (include graph/images)

  • Market Updates by Neighborhood, Price Range, Type of Housing

  • Events You are Hosting or Co-Hosting with Lender, Neighborhood HOA, Local Schools

  • Events : Virtual, Entertainment, Schools, Festivals, Parades...

  • Local Area Highlights : Businesses, Restaurants, Interviews of Local Influencers, School Info/Updates, Parks and Recreation, Neighborhood...

  • Homeowner Resources : Utilities List, Tax Calendar, Mortgage/Loan Information, Recent Employment Updates, Home Warranty and Insurance Information, Property Tax, Loan Qualification...

  • Client Testimonials, Stories, Videos : Humanize the Story - tell it from your point of view.

  • Home Improvement : How to Hire Contractors, Best Home Improvements to do for Top Dollar, Home Maintenance, Safe Guarding your Home for Pets/Children, Homeowner Checklists...

  • Recipes to Share!


These are the five most popular types of content for a real estate newsletter according to FitSmallBusiness:

  • Real estate agent blogs & reports: Blogs and reports about neighborhood markets promote you as an expert in your field and location. Adding informational blogs and neighborhood reports to your real estate newsletter give buyers an impression of a knowledgeable, professional agent ready to help them buy a house.

  • Videos of properties & experts: Video is the ultimate way to convey a message, in large part due to the combination of audio and visual elements. Video uses great visuals to show a property or share expertise that mimics the experience of being in the same room, so it converts higher and stands out from static content.

  • Recipes & household tips: Attractive content that shares tips and recipes can warm up your real estate newsletter. Buying a house is a personal experience, and these types of tips make a real estate agent seem approachable as well as help users envision living in the home.

  • How-tos & educational articles: Sharing experience and knowledge in the form of how-tos and educational pieces can help buyers move past uncertainty and keep your name in front of them with helpful ways to complete a task.

  • Seasonal & holiday content: Holidays and seasons are the perfect time to share information about observances, decorating, and food in your real estate newsletter. Because most holidays bring families together with warm thoughts of home, this is the ideal place to add tips about gifts, special memories, or safety.

  • Community information & events: It is vital for real estate agents to have their finger on the pulse of their community. Sharing community information like parades, charity events, and festivals in your newsletter can make it more valuable to home buyers. This type of information helps the buyer see the real estate agent as interested in and knowledgeable about the community. They’re also more likely to hold on to the newsletter as a reminder of what’s upcoming in their area.


  • ZU : MailChimp Newsletter Template : CLICK HERE

  • ZU : Newsletter : Headers & Large Title Photos : CLICK HERE for Template

  • ZU : Newsletter : Square Photo Designs : CLICK HERE for Template

  • ZU : Newsletter : ICON Design : CLICK HERE for Template

  • ZU : COMBO LOGO : Template : CLICK HERE


Remember, best practices is to have all your tools integrated to work with each other...connect your website to your blog, your home search to your website, your appointment calendar to your website/ get the picture. Connecting will also lessen the workload when creating your monthly email newsletter.

As we all have seen the last few weeks, the SET IT and FORGET IT mindset is just NOT effective! Be PRESENT in your business. Make sure your UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION is understood and your BRANDVOICE is present in every communication.

The biggest challenge is getting your Email Newsletter read; here are some stats from Placester® you will want to pay attention to:

  • Emails with a Social Sharing Buttons have a CTR 158% higher than those without

  • 57% of Email Subscribers spend an hour plus reading marketing emails

  • Real Estate Related Emails have an open rate of more than 26%

  • More than 40% of Emails are opened on a Mobile Device

  • Don't be overly "salesy" or "commercial". BE CONVERSATIONAL

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