AgentPRO Marketing Ideas l MAY 5

Welcome to our AgentPRO COACHING post for Tuesday, May 5th!


Celebrate & Connect with these ideas:

#1 Highlight Your Favorite Mexican Eatery on Your Instagram/Facebook Story. Keep it local, & look for Cinco De Mayo Posts you can share direct from the Restaurant's Instagram Page. Share a personal story about the eatery, the owners, the staff or your own experience with photos or video.

Bonus Idea: Order Takeout and Deliver a meal to a family in your area - on the porch or at the front door. #stayhomestaysafe #cincodemaydelivers

Here is a Story Template Link for your introductory page:

Also, don't forget to tag @Zutila so we can share your amazing posts. Check out this idea on our Instagram/Facebook pages today.

#2 Share You Favorite Cinco De Mayo Recipe with your followers. Don't have photos, no worries your Canva® Design Center has tons of great stock images to share, but remember keeping it personal is better so if the recipe is passed down generations from your family...share a few family photos. Tag your family and friends that you know would love to try it.

Bonus Idea: Deliver a bag of groceries with all the ingredients to make the dish to a few Fans, Neighbors, Family Members and include the recipe card (don't forget the 6 Pack of Corona) you created using this Story Template Link:

Also, don't forget to tag @Zutila so we can share your amazing posts. Check out this idea on our Instagram/Facebook pages today.

#3 Share your family enjoying Cinco De crafts with your kids/grandkids, whip up your favorite margaritas, share you traditions/culture...personal posts get the most engagement to have some fun with the holiday despite the restrictions!

LeadPRO CRM with CINC® l Seller's Suite Option

See a sample of how the Seller Suite Works:

Are you a member of the CINC CRM family? Are you looking for a simple Seller Funnel with Landing Page to use when placing Social Media Ads? Let's Review the CINC® Seller Suite Video here:

You will need a CINC® login to review this on your own. If you are reviewing to make a decision to join the LeadPRO CRM with CINC®, please contact Alyssa for a one time pass to view.

Besides a CINC® membership, what else will we need to customize this Seller Suite:

  • Reactive Email Signature, we at Zutila use Wisestamp. You can visit or send an email to marketing to get your email signature. We will need all your contact information to create your signature, including social media links, calendly link, and etc.





There is no doubt that the graduating seniors of the Class of 2020 are getting the short end of the stick, BUT you can help them celebrate. Start Thinking about all the ways you can make these young adults feel special! Parades, Signs, Drop-by Gifts, Add each to Your Social Media...Templates to Come.


  • Gratitude Marketing + Templates

  • SpherePRO Monthly (Bi-Monthly) Newsletter Creation + Template

  • OFFER Marketing + Templates

You can see all upcoming AgentPRO Coaching on the calendar or if you are a Google User, please request us to add you to the Zutila Office Calendar so you can sync with your Google Calendar for events and training at your fingertips.

>>> Send an email to, RE: Add Me to Google Office Calendar

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