Change Your Mindset and Grow

We all are great at so many things, but maybe this time in history is forcing us to learn new skills, giving us the opportunity to grow and expand our knowledge. We are all in this together, but how your business comes out of it can be all up to how you act now and your mindset.

Maybe you need time to hang out with your family because like me you haven't prioritized them enough lately, maybe your business needs a Social Media refresh, an optimization of your website, new skills for working virtually, or just some time to make a few changes to your current workflow. Maybe you need a combination of all these things!

Whatever it is that you or your business needs right is a checklist of ideas to start:

o Update your familiarity or skills with Video Conferencing. Practice with Family/Friends with a digital happy hour or play cards!

Did you know on Zoom you can use a virtual background or blur the background? Learn how here Now you can "be" anywhere you want when talking to your clients!

o We introduced CANVA as our partner in creating content/assets for Zutila in January, BUT you can do so much more with this tool. Infographics, Blog Banners, Social Media Posts and Stories, T-shirt Designs, Animated Posts, Online Presentations and More. Play around with the tool...explore, you can't mess it up. :) You might just discover a hidden talent and love for design!

Of course, we would love to see you using our templates too! Here are a few of our newest edition templates:

Zutila, Listing Presentation Template : CLICK HERE

Zutila, Just Listed Instagram/Facebook Story : CLICK HERE

Zutila, Luxury 8 Page Property Brochure, 11x8.5 : CLICK HERE

o Social Media START, REFRESH or you just want to try TikTok®! We recommend taking a look at each of your social media accounts and optimizing them with all your links, photos, brand-voice and more. Here is a quick hit list to get you started:

  • Update Cover Photo

  • Update Cover Banner

  • Update Contact Information, Business Hours, Links, Your Story...

  • Add a Custom Audience, Create A Group, Join a Group or Two

  • Add Posts...Videos, Photos, Memes, Words

  • Check Connections to your Website, Blog and etc from your Social Media

  • Add Neighborhood Information

  • Have Some Fun - Play some Games that evoke participation

  • Take a Facebook for Business Class or Learn Online :

o Are you cleaning your closets and organizing ? Time to De-Clutter your business content as well...

  • Gather Your Top 25 Real Estate Photos; turn them into a video slideshow, add commentary or captions AND add a consistent filter so they all have the same look (matching your brand-voice)

  • Gather Your Farm Photos, Drone Images & Video for use on your website or blog

  • Start talking to your phone or video, just start talking...You know those ideas that sound so good in your head or that content for Buyers that you can speak forward and backward without thinking. Even if you don't want to be "on camera", open a blank Google Doc (make sure the voice tool is on) and speak or if you want to get fancy with your transcription you can use

  • Gather Your Top 5 Client Testimonials - Write/Record a "customer story" from your perspective for each of these testimonials...if you have photos, video of the house, the people, or from the experience imagine how many ways you can use all this content over the next year. That's right, just 5 testimonials with your customer story = client review content for A WHOLE YEAR!

  • CRM Cleanup, Organize, Add the SOI Tags and notes you have been wanting to add for a while. You could also choose to upgrade your CRM to a more sophisticated system of tools and customizable campaigns so you can insert your brand-voice into every communication. Make sure it can handle video emails!!!

OK the last idea has us thinking...gotta take a break to back later with more ideas!!!

o Expand your website with a few new pages or updated pages : About Us (3rd Most Viewed Page), Buyer and Seller Resource Pages, Community Page, Featured Listing Page and Service Highlight Page.

Make sure it looks excellent on mobile as "Almost three quarters (72.6 percent) of internet users will access the web solely via their smartphones by 2025, equivalent to nearly 3.7 billion people." ~ CNBC

o Keep it Real in all your marketing efforts. Just like the use of stock photos has diminished because consumers would rather see "realistic" photos; the consumer would rather hear "real talk", honest discussions and points of view.

o Blog, Blog, Blog...more than a business reason, but hey it is great for internet searches! On a blog, you can use the "Keep it Real" talk to engage your audience. Or it even helps just to put your thoughts somewhere other than your brain for a while. I often find that when I put the words out there, other ideas come to mind - like a brainstorm session of 1! LOL

o TEAM up! There are many ways you can create a team to increase your stake in the industry. Develop or choose the team environment or culture that is right for you.

Maybe the team you want to create is a team of service professionals in your industry, but only one in each sector...some agents use these meet-up groups/teams to generate ideas, drive referral business, share in the expense of marketing or events, or just as trusted resources of knowledge, goods and services.

Other agents enjoy the thought of small agent teams; some focusing on sellers, others buyers...but all working toward the common goals of the team so in the end it is a win-win.

Large teams seem to be dominating the industry with their power to generate leads, develop infrastructure for follow-up, provide top of the line service to their customers and so much more. Whatever type of team you choose, you get what you put into the team!

What are some of your growth mindset goals for this moment??? Copy this graphic and tag us on Social Media ...we would love to hear about your goals.

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