Learn input details for the new Coming Soon status here

Launching 5/4 We recently sent you a communication detailing the new Coming Soon status. (If you need a refresher, here’s the link to the video from that communication.) Here, we’ll walk you through the steps to input a Coming Soon listing. (Note that the “Instructions” section in the first screenshot is not final – you’ll see complete details when you log into Matrix on or after 5/4.) Step 1: Set the Status When adding a new listing, you will have the option to set its Status as either Coming Soon or Active on the first tab of listing input. Here’s what it looks like:

Step 2: Set the Start Showing Date If you’ve selected Coming Soon as your initial status, you will have an extra field to fill out when you reach the Office/MLS tab: Start Showing Date.

You must input a date, no more than 21 days in the future, that you will start accepting showings. (As a reminder, there are no showings in Coming Soon.) The listing will automatically go into the Active status on that date. The rest of listing input for Coming Soon is identical to listing input for Active listings. For more information on the new Coming Soon status, click here. Orange County REALTORS

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