GRATITUDE MARKETING. Partnering with Local Businesses like Eateries, Fitness Clubs, Dance Studios, Bakeries, Auto Services and more to send out appreciation offers to generate consistent, ongoing referrals. The partner business provides the Offer, FREE Product and you provide the deliverables.

It is a Win-Win offer!

How it works:

1) Choose what businesses you are going to bring your offer of co-branding too - Make a Deal.

2) Collect the business information you need to create marketing - the offer, any restrictions, time-frame of the offer, business contact info, logo and brand assets.

3) Decide which month you will be using the marketing, the budget and the marketing assets you will need.

4) Use the templates and edit to match your offer, your business partner and your business.

5) Seek Final Approval from your partner business. Send Postcards to Printer - EDDM or Direct Mail.

6) Begin Campaign - remember to tag your business partner and add their social media links in all communications. Be responsive, be thankful!

The cost - you pay for the marketing and delivery, your business partner gives the offer.

We recommend sending a Gratitude Marketing Offer Once a Month or Once a Quarter to your SOI List, FARM List, or All Your Lists.

Making the biggest impact: If you are going to use Gratitude Marketing in your FARM, it is best to find a Business Partner that is located in your FARMing Area. Target small business, "mom & pop" shops.

Remember, not only are you giving your potential clients a "gift" with appreciation, YOU ARE MAKING A BUSINESS contact that can be an amazing Referral Partner for you.

WE created a few templates for you to use:

9x6.5 Two Sided Postcards; designed for EDDM or Direct Mail . CLICK HERE

8.5x5.5 Two Sided Postcards; designed for EDDM or Direct Mail . CLICK HERE

11x6 Two Sided Postcards; designed for EDDM or Direct Mail . CLICK HERE

Facebook Event Cover or Post . CLICK HERE

Social Media Story . CLICK HERE

Instagram Post (or Facebook) . CLICK HERE

Email Banner . CLICK HERE

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