What Can You Do Now?

Things you can do now to help come out of this current situation in a BETTER light!

We want us all to come out of this situation shining as best we can!

The ever changing climate of this whole thing is crazy and knowing what and when to do things is not something any of us knew or could understand before our feet were in the fire!

We understand your concerns and your needs, we believe now more than ever that you have the opportunity to show compassion for the community, lend a helping hand and voice as best you can and do what is socially responsible AS WELL AS maintain or grow your business.

We have stressed the importance of being not only the area/industry experts, BUT community advocates.  This is the time where your social media could play the biggest part in cementing your reputation with your Sphere and Farm.

We can't stress enough that this is your BrandVoice and the only person able to make that known is you! 

Sorry for the soapbox, but we know...After the rain, comes the rainbow!


1. Reassure your current customers that their needs will be met to the best of your ability and in accordance with local mandates. Let them know you are taking this seriously.

2. Call your past clients, friends and family and offer an ear to listen, a voice of real estate knowledge, or help in getting supplies to the most vulnerable of us. If you have doctors, nurses, grocery workers, first responders and etc on your list of contacts...SAY THANK YOU! Send them a note or a shout out on Social Media to say how much you appreciate them.

3. Speaking of Social Media ....get on there and talk, tell your story, give praise to others, reassure people that you are here for them. Share a picture, a video and story.

4. Give the Love! Create a Virtual Business Highlight Group : Highlight local Bars, Restaurants, Delis and more trying to survive this by doing take-out, delivery and etc. Be the local small business members friend and ally in your community, on social media and when talking to your sphere. For Example: Go to your local restaurant's Facebook/Instagram pages and share their messages in your story. If you love the people, the service or the food, write a message and say so!

5. Set yourself up to ROCK virtual meetings, listing/buyer consultations and more. If you aren't already prepared with a killer mobile website, online listing/buyer presentation, and proficiency in video conferencing - get ready!

FYI : Zutila has a great mobile website opportunity for $30 per month and you can use our online LP/Buyer presentations or create your own starting tomorrow on Canva (look for the link in your Zutila weekly AgentPRO email).

6. Use Mobile Everything until it is safe to do otherwise! Virtual Tours, Social Distancing for showings and more. Be the Socially Responsible Realtor® your customers want to see.

7. Raving Fans® want to hear from you. Drop a quick gift of water, supplies and etc at their door.

8. Hold a Virtual Contest/Give-a-Way/Charity Drive - JUST BECAUSE! Or ask for anonymous nominations for a family that needs assistance and provide what you safely are able to.

9. Hold a Virtual Online Learning Seminar for First Time Home Buyers, Empty Nesters looking to Downsize, The Benefits of Owning versus Renting... Provide value with words.

10. Are you a parent juggling kids & work from home? Tell the story of what you are doing to accomplish all these things. Share examples of your schedule or tips on what works for you...or an article of helpful hints for parents.

Today we baked banana coconut muffins...why? Because my 13 old loves to be in the kitchen and teaching her these life skills will be beneficial in the future and we got to laugh and joke while doing it. Plus, the muffins are so yummy!!! Here is the recipe we used:

11. Virtual Happy Hour!!!! Gather a group of clients virtually that share the same interest, start a virtual book group, add a forum/discussion group on any topic to your website or organize a client appreciation party virtually, of course! ;)

12. Maintain a sense of humor - ask engaging questions on social media that make people think, laugh, wonder, cry...whatever it is, humanize this experience.

13. Share a list of movies, tv shows, books, recipes to enjoy while they are all stuck indoors!

14. INVEST IN YOURSELF - there are a ton of newly free seminars and learning experiences available online. Check out NAR, OCAR and more for all the details.

15. Create content, content, content!!!!

16. Update your continuing education

Remember, WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! Stay at home, stay apart, stay healthy, but STAY CONNECTED! We heart comes the rainbows!

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