What's HOT?

The "Dog Days of Summer" are those HOT Days between July and September - and there is no doubt it is HOT Out There 🔥🔥🔥, but you know what else is HOT?

The OC Housing Market and our AgentPROs and AgentPRO TEAMS!!! ☀️

We've put together some "scroll stopping" Dog 🐶 Posts for you to use...use just one, put them together for a fun swipe trio and add them to your Story.

Personalize them to fit your brand by using the template links below.

Here are a few other ideas to bring your brand, Farm Area, or philanthropic mission to the posts:

💡 Add the OC Housing Market Report for the Last Seven Days

💡 Highlight Your Latest Deals - Remember to give all the "juicy" details of the transaction.

💡 Include Your Mortgage Partner - latest rates and etc.

💡Highlight local beach yoga or other hyperlocal activities to do on these very hot OC summer days.

💡 Include a link to places OC and LA Residents can go to Escape the Heat...](

Whatever you choose, have fun with the theme! 🐶🔥☀️

Post Template

Story Template

Email Banner Template


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